Reliability of results

The reliability of our results is the main objective of our laboratory and we achieve this every day by:

  • The continuous replacement of our laboratory equipment, so that we have the latest technology in medical analyzers of leading diagnostic companies with the most modern methods of high sensitivity, specificity, repeatability and accuracy. (ABBOTT, BIOMERIEUX, BIO-RAD, SYSMEX, M.E.S., MEMMERT, HETTICH)
  • The application of fully automated sample identification process (Barcode) from the moment of sampling to the release of the results.
  • The communication between our analyzers and the automated database system which permits the automatic completion of the required analyses and the automatic results entry.
  • The staffing of our laboratory with qualified scientific and administrative personnel. We have chosen staff members according to stringent qualifications which have to do with morals, professionalism, team spirit, communication skills, the ability to perform under pressure conditions, the compliance with the rules followed by our company so that they can give the maximum to our goal which is the reliability.

The application of:

Our human resources consist of:

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